The AWP Summit Advisory Board

Subject Matter Experts Representing Local Industry

Alberta-based Thought Leaders

All of the major Advanced Work Packaging events (AWP Summit; AWP Conferences) are planned and developed by Group ASI in collaboration with the industry associations that publish the AWP best practices and the industry leaders that use and support the best practices. The AWP Summit Advisory Board (AB) will include representatives of major project owners, along with chairs of the COAA AWP Committee and the COAA AWP Scalability Committee.

The role of the AB is to assist in the identification and refinement of the specific themes and topics to be discussed on stage, to provide input to the development of the sessions and to recruit panel teams and working teams for the creation and delivery of quality, relevant content. The AB is made up of companies that believe in COAA project performance best practices and are either leaders in the AWP domain or are keenly interested in AWP. These companies are advocates for accelerating Alberta project performance.

The AWP Summit 2020 Advisory Board is chaired by Dylan Riley, Specialist (Construction) for Suncor Energy and representing the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and Tyson Cote, Technical Lead (CMT) for Cenovus, also representing COAA.