Construction Productivity Summit 2020

Achieving World-Class Competitiveness for Alberta Projects


Coming this Fall to the Edmonton Convention Centre

Presented in Alignment with the COAA Best Practices Conference 2020

Gear Up For The Construction Productivity Summit This Spring!

In 2019, two industry forums focused on Advanced Work Packaging were held in Alberta – the first major AWP-centric events in Alberta since 2014.

In the spring, we held the AWP Summit in Edmonton, which aligned with the COAA Best Practices Conference. There, we hosted a full day of content including a project owner’s panel on the benefits of AWP as the best practice for integrated project delivery in Alberta and around the world, a Shell AWP implementation case study, and several panel presentations covering critical topics such as stakeholder alignment, early contracting decisions to enable successful AWP, and data and metrics to track project lifecycle performance.

In the fall, we held the AWP Summit on Scalability in Calgary – this event was a deep-dive into the new COAA Scalable AWP Model: what is it, how does it work, and what are the tools and resources available to industry today? These two events combined illustrated how AWP can benefit Alberta projects.

In 2020, we return to Edmonton – again aligned with the COAA Best Practices Conference – for a special Construction Productivity Summit, which will go beyond Advanced Work Packaging. At this event, you can expect 200+ senior members of industry representing owners, EPCs, engineers, contractors, technology providers, vendors, associations and other stakeholders from oil and gas, chemicals and other industry sectors discussing the need for world-class competitiveness and the project performance principles, practices, tools and technologies enabling this on a regional and global scale.

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners that want to apply AWP to all projects in their portfolio
  • Contractors that work with AWP-oriented project owners
  • Those interested in bidding on AWP project work
  • Individuals / companies seeking to understand the model

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn in detail how to effectively implement AWP 
  • Hear what the owners’ expectations are for AWP competence
  • Network with world-class owners, thought-leaders builders, technology experts and implementation support firms making AWP happen

Advisors and Development Team Leads

The Construction Productivity Summit program is being guided and developed by subject matter experts representing major project owners and industry associations, in collaboration with engineering, construction, technology and Advanced Work Packaging implementation support experts. The Summit is supported by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII). 

Thank you to the following organizations for providing their expertise to this event: