Highlights & Features

What to expect and who will be there

Reasons to Attend the Summit

Take part in performance and productivity thought leadership in an information-sharing environment. Connect with like-minded professionals that are driving the evolution of construction project planning and delivery.

Advanced Work Packaging began as an effort to foster a culture of excellence in execution amongst Alberta’s construction companies, and its success is bringing worldwide interest. We have responded to Alberta industry calls for a return of an AWP-focused event to the province, but we have expanded the program to address the realities of the challenges facing the Alberta economy and current trends in technology and project performance enhancement initiatives worldwide. The purpose of the Summit is to assist Alberta companies by providing information about effective best practice implementation for improved project performance while also providing all attendees with unique networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

This event naturally lends itself to the advancement of the COAA 2020 Vision: Looking Forward initiative and we are excited to partner with COAA to execute this event alongside the COAA Best Practices Conference 2020. If you are a member of Alberta industry and you believe in better project performance, this event is for you.

Summit Highlights

  • Thought leadership and professional networking
  • Industry-developed panels and case studies
  • Information-sharing and knowledge transfer
  • Usable information you can apply to your projects
  • Real-world examples of AWP in action
  • Aligned with COAA Best Practices Conference 2020
  • Supports COAA’s 2020 Vision: Looking Forward

Who attends our events?

Senior project-level and corporate-level decision-makers. Project owners, EPCs, constructors, engineers, and specialty contractors. OEMs, fabricators and suppliers. Implementation support experts and technology providers. Researchers & developers of best practices.

AWP is applied on an organizational level and on a project-specific basis, therefore you will meet a variety of experienced individuals responsible for projects, project portfolios and corporate initiatives. You will also meet individuals less experienced that are seeking information and partnerships with others knowledgeable in this domain.

Beyond oil & gas: best practices taking root in new industries and sectors

Since the introduction and success of the COAA and CII best practices, a broader range of industry sectors have taken an interest, and owners of projects varying in size and scope – particularly projects valued at $100 million and less – are looking for ways to achieve benefits.

In response, we are finding more and more attendees of our events are from industry sectors outside of traditional oil & gas (such as the chemicals, power generation and utilities, manufacturing and  fabrication sectors). This is also reflected in COAA and CII membership rosters.